About Help Plus Ghana

Helpplus: Is a Micro-Credit is an incorporated establishment in Ghana.  Helpplus Micro-Credit started its operations in the late part of 2015. It is an institution that lends financial assistance to both formal & informal sectors in Ghana.

Helpplus Micro-Credit started grants loan facility to business individuals who are in groups mostly women. Helpplus Micro-Credit started hardly grants loan facility to individuals unless under special circumstances because of its high nature of risk.

Helpplus Micro-Credit has a flexible & affordable interest rate to the Ghanaian people & beyond and is payable on weekly and monthly basis.


  • To advance capacity of business establishment in a sustainable, innovative & client-responsive manner.
  • Advocate poverty eradication through financial & non-financial services.
  • To increase the availability of credit awareness, best financial practices and innovations towards individual growth.
  • To advocate for an environment that is conducive to the growth and development of client-centred and sustainable microfinance sector.


A world-class credit facilities among microfinance institutions advocating sustainable, innovative and client-responsive solutions towards poverty eradication.

Programs & Services

We Specialize In

Capacity Building

HPMC provides training of financial discipline to its clients particularly in the informal sector.